October 20, 2020

You are not your thoughts! How we change.

In order to make good decisions in your life and move towards goals you will need a reference point to start from.
All journey's begin and end with you. All you need is yourself.

But do not confuse your essential self with the thoughts that go on in your mind. You need to look past the flat thoughts as the primary indicator of your existence and allow yourself to identify with your multi-dimensional self holistically.

The fundamental truth is to think in reverse. "I am, therefore I think. "

The power of Being , once accessed, fuels the transformative process.

Your mind tries to find peace and fulfillment externally, because that is where you have been conditioned and taught to look. The mind will drive you crazy trying to find answers, planning, worrying, being angry, feeling lost. All the while you believe that these thoughts are "you". All that defines you.

But you are not your thoughts, you are the observer of the thoughts. Your feelings are states or instances, sort of posibilities of you but they are not you because when a thought or feeling is gone, you are still there, except you now have another thought or feeling. They do not control you and you are not defined by them. Nor are you defined by any other state of transition. By identifying with your created self and body, you are allowing yourself to go through rollercoaster ride and lack a strong foundation.

Creating change solely through mental techniques is impossible. Its only after you address the underlying energy holding thoughts that you start a transformation process. A Shift in energy is always followed by change in reality.

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