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Welcome to MojoFairyTales: Mythical Journeys, a new kids subscription Series , where creativity meets magic every month! Dive into a world of fairy tales and ancient mythological creatures through engaging illustrations and interactive projects designed for children aged 5-12.

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 Each month features a different fairy tale or mythological creature theme with step-by-step video instructions.

Easy-to-follow guides that help your child bring their imagination to life.

Subscribers receive downloadable Illustrated books, workbook and/or templates, reference images, and guides available as Kindle workbooks.

Convenient access to all materials, perfect for at-home or on-the-go creativity.

Access to live Q&A sessions with the instructor and an online community for sharing and feedback.

Real-time interaction and support to enhance your child’s learning experience.

Fun illustration challenges with opportunities to showcase artwork and win prizes.

Encourages participation and rewards creativity.

Themed Video Tutorials
Kindle Illustation Book / Work Book
Interactive Sessions
Monthly Challenges
Supportive Community

Showcase of Themes and Topics

Beautifully illustrated engaging storybooks for children aged 5-12 with projects. Convenient access to all materials, perfect for at-home or on-the-go creativity.
  • Dragons and Knights (Medieval Mythology)

    Description: In "The Knight's Dilemma," newly knighted Sir Cedric grapples with his duty to his kingdom and his loyalty to his childhood friend, Lady Aria, now on the opposing side in battle. This story explores the themes of honor, friendship, and the moral challenges that arise when loved ones are on opposing sides.

    Features: Illustrations through dark, dramatic atmospheres, intricate architectural details, expressive characters, symbolic imagery, rich textures, and atmospheric lighting.

    Themes: Gothic, Dragons, Knights

    "Connecting with the Ancient Spirits"

    Description: Delves into the ancient practices of the Druids, focusing on their connection with nature and the spiritual realm.

    Features: Magical illustrations of sacred groves, ancient stones, and druidic rituals.

    Themes: Druidry, nature connection, mythology, and spiritual practices.
  • "Phoenix and Rebirth"

    Description: Explores the theme of rebirth and transformation through the metaphor of the phoenix rising from its ashes.

    Features: Warm, vibrant illustrations depicting the phoenix’s journey.

    Themes: Rebirth, transformation, resilience, and renewal.

    "Vampires and Haunted Castles"

    Description: Explores darker themes of the psyche through the metaphor of vampires and haunted castles.

    Features: Eerie and gothic illustrations of vampires and haunted castles.

    Themes: Shadow work, fear, transformation, and integration.
  • "Gratitude and Reflection"

    Description: Focuses on the themes of gratitude and reflection through the journey of the protagonist.

    Features: Warm and reflective illustrations depicting moments of gratitude.

    Themes: Gratitude, reflection, growth, and mindfulness.

    "Celebration and Joy"

    Description: Celebrates achievements and positive experiences through festive and joyful illustrations.

    Features: Bright, festive illustrations celebrating various achievements.

    Themes: Celebration, joy, achievements, and personal growth.


Quality Visual Arts and Engaging Illustration


Reading, Art


Supportive online community 


Easy access to digital content with Kindle workbooks


Opportunities for parents and children to engage


Personal Development

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"The kids loved the projects and cannot wait for next month!."

- Roxy D.

"Excited to be part of this enguage with my son."

Jason R.

"Like the stories, they are imaginative, thoughtful and creative"

Falon L.



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