April 5, 2019


Individualism implies that our worth is based on the goals and accomplishments we define ourselves, we are self-reliant, independent and that we should look at our own self-interest.

Often in our society, we are defined by our individual achievements and accomplishments, schools we attend, work and career hierarchy, prestige, and monetary achievement. These things, however, can be unstable throughout life. What people around us recognize is often the things we base our self worth on.  

Basing self-worth exclusively on such accompaniment can diminish our value, as it marginalizes the worth of those activities that have no monetary value, those we do outside of our work, activities that allow us to improve and grow, entertain others or those activities that allow us to contribute to communities and social groups.  

Individualism is important in defining our unique, intimate character but we are part of the interdependent social web. Is it really a weakness that you need someone else's help? Is a child weak for wanting his/her parent's support?

We essentially owe our own development to the care and tenderness of others.   Perhaps, owe gratitude to our families, teachers, coaches, psychologist, religious leaders and the entire economic-social system of a community for the effort they have contributed that leads to personal success in our lives.  

No one can really survive on their own. People in a group can accomplish more than the sum of its' individuals. We cannot simply look to our own strengths in order to flourish. We need to allow others to help us, therefore we need to accept that we become dependent on their talents, knowledge, love or strength.

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