Welcome my fellow soulful travelers of October! As the leaves don their vibrant autumn attire and the air carries a delightful chill, I feel a little more alive during this transformative season. Let's embark on a contemplative adventure together!

Welcoming Transformation with Open Arms: Feeling Alive and Open

There is magic in October – a month that reminds us of the beauty of change. As I sip my rum tea (yes, I'm that person), I recognize that nothing remains the same, and that's okay. In fact, it's more than OK; it's awesome! Nature's transformation isn't a threat; it's a breathtaking symphony of colors and emotions.

Finding Beauty in the Decay and Time Passing: Nature Puts on a Vibrant Celebration

Have you ever truly stopped to revel in the beauty of decay? It might sound a bit morbid, but it's like a somber yet vibrant celebration. The scent of fallen leaves, the crisp morning chill warming up to the gentle caress of the sun – it's an invitation to experience the world with all your senses and the duality of experience. Nature shows us that even in endings, there's exquisite beauty.

Connecting with the World Around Us: Experiencing Awareness and Connection

So, how can we connect more deeply with the world around us during this profound season of change? We can immerse ourselves in the outside world. We can pick up leaves, chestnuts, cones, and sticks, remaining in silence without judgment. We can look up at the sky, observing its ever-shifting hues without the need for words or explanations.

Quieting the Restless Mind: Inner Peace and Stillness

As we soak in the visual and sensory delights, we challenge our restless minds. Who is the one witnessing all of this? Does understanding or labeling change the experience? For a moment, let's release the need to perceive, analyze, or change, and just... be. It's a moment of profound connection – you and this moment are one.

Raising your mulled wine glass to October – a time to be a little more alive, to welcome transformation, to find beauty in the passing, and to connect with the world and our inner selves. Let's savor the season with a heart full of wonder and a mind at peace.

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