One of the biggest obstacles to living a fulfilling and creative life is the continuous self-doubt and fear of making mistakes. Today I wanted to share with you something that has helped me on the path of leaving fear and self-doubt behind. Art. I absolutely love for its selection of classes and the breadth of topics they offer. I have been experimenting with a number of other creative art and learning platforms. I have recently come across an online class, I wanted to share offered by an illustrator and artist named Laura McKendra, on called "Illustrating Nature: A Creative Exploration.

Laura is a creative based in London, UK, who went to school for illustration but much like the rest of us, was feeling the pressure to get a "proper job" and ended up abandoning her creative path for a period in her life, working in a number of fields. She came to realize that a part of her was missing. She was riddled with self-doubt for a time as she persisted to rekindle and perfect her craft. She was richly rewarded as gradually she reconnected with that essential part of herself that was missing for so long.

Based on her life experiences, Laura shows you different ways to turn drawing into a habit for creative exploration by combining watercolors, ink, colored pencils, and other mixed media, working outdoor, using nature as an inspiration to create and abandon your fears.
I lost track of time as my family and I participated in the experiments and exercises in this class. I would recommend it to beginners and seasoned artists working to overcome their fear of the blank page and finding that inner flow of creativity through improvisation. You can find more information on her class on Domerstika. Purchase the classes individually or get a pro account for a yearly fee that will give you a select number of classes. I'm not affiliated with but I really enjoyed the class and feel it benefited me in becoming more comfortable with ambiguity and the exploration within the creative process. Enjoy!

I'm looking for more online resources for creative inspiration and learning. Share your favorite sources? What was the last class you took that you absolutely would recommend?

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