Art and Creativity for Stress Management



Join our Art and Creativity for Stress Management Course! Brace yourself for a unique blend of art techniques and mindful meditative crafting that will make your stress melt away like butter on burned toast. We'll guide you through a series of captivating art exercises using different mediums, allowing you to unleash your creativity, express yourself, and discover a newfound sense of inner peace and tranquility. This self-paced course is the ultimate stress-buster, combining the power of art therapy and mindfulness practices to give you a transformative experience that'll leave stress in the dust. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to find your Zen and create stunning masterpieces. 
You will learn:
  • Ways to experience and develop the connection between creativity and stress reduction
  • Hands-on exercises in various art mediums (paper, Clay, Paint) for self-expression and to experience stress relief
  • Creating digital artworks inspired by personal emotions and experiences
  • Develop your personal plan and practice of mindful self-expression through art as a stress management practice
  • Create a self-guided project
  • Create as part of our community
  • 3-month free pass to join our community for developing and keeping positive stress management practices


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